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Leather Chemicals Market Detailed Analysis of Current Industry Figures with Forecasts Growth By 2026

Market Scenario

Global Leather Chemicals Market was valued US$ 6.6 Bn in 2017 and is anticipated to reach US$ 11.2 Bn by 2026 at a CAGR of about 6.8 % during a forecast period.

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The Report on “Leather Chemicals Market” is segmented by product, by end use and by region. According report leather chemicals market is segmented into tanning & dyeing, beam house chemicals and finishing chemicals. In terms of end-user leather chemicals market has footwear, automobile, garments and others. Geographically report describes market for North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America.

Rapidly growing footwear and automotive markets across globe are the major factors driving the growth of the leather chemicals market. Easy and abundance availability of raw materials is expected to accelerate the growth of the market in forecast. Changing lifestyle, standard living and increase spending pattern owing to increased disposable income has been boosting the leather chemicals market. Trending leather jackets and costumes in fashion industry will augment the Global Leather Chemicals Market in forecast. Stringent regulations and policies set by REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances is predicted to restrain the Global Leather Chemicals Market.

Global Leather Chemicals Market

Among application segments, tanning and dyeing chemicals segment is forecasted to hold major share in the forecast period. Growing demand for tanning and dyeing chemicals from several developing economies, such as India, Brazil, and China, is foreseen to stimulate the growth of this segment in forecast period.

Footwear application segment constitute 80% share of Global Leather Chemicals Market. According to analysis automobile holds second position in the Global Leather Chemicals Market followed by garment, furniture and gloves. Trending leather jackets and costumes will help garment segment to gain growth.

Changing lifestyle and living standard coupled with increasing disposable income in the emerging economies offers favourable market growth. Leading players of leather chemicals is focused on production expansion capacity in Asia Pacific. North America is second largest segment. North America accounted for 20 % share.
BASF SE, Lanxess, Bayer AG, Clariant, Elementis PLC, Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd., Indofil Industries Ltd., Schill & Seilacher GmbH & Co., Zschimmer & Schwarz & Co KG, DyStar, Lawrence International, Stahl International BV, Chemtan Company, TEXAPEL and TASA Group International are leading players of leather chemicals market.
Scope of the Global Leather Chemicals Market

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Global Leather Chemicals Market Size By Products:

• Tanning & Dyeing
• Beam house Chemicals
• Finishing Chemicals
Global Leather Chemicals Market Size By End Use:

• Footwear
• Furniture
• Automobile
• Garments
• Gloves
Global Leather Chemicals Market Size by Region:

• North America
• Europe
• Asia Pacific
• Middle East & Africa
• Latin America

Key Players analysed in the Global Leather Chemicals Market:

• Clariant Corporation
• Stahl Holdings B.V
• Chemtan
• Elementis
• Zschimmer & Schwarz
• Kemia Tau
• Lanxess
• Dystar Singapore Pte Ltd.
• Schill+Seilacher Gmbh
• Rock Chemie Co.
• Stahl Holdings b.v.
• Ledertechnik GmbH & Co. KG
• Bayer AG
• Heim Leather Chem GmbH
• Elementis plc
• Wei Tai Leather Co., Ltd.
• Elementis PLC
• Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd.
• Indofil Industries Ltd.
• Schill & Seilacher GmbH & Co.
• Zschimmer & Schwarz & Co KG
• DyStar
• Lawrence International
• Stahl International BV
• Chemtan Company
• TASA Group International.

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