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Welding Equipment Market Things to Focus on to Ensure Long-term Success| Trends Market Research

Flourishing automobiles and construction industries are cropping up owing to rapid industrialization worldwide. With rapid development in various companies, various countries have increasingly adopted welding technology such as resistance welding, oxy-fuel welding, and laser welding. For various industries such as transport industry, fabric industry and automotive segment, welding is an imperative procedure.

With the ever changing technology breaking traditional barriers, welding equipment Market market has further witnessed development for application in various sectors. Welding technology has extended its footprints in the domain of fabrication industry with application of different techniques of welding various products or components.

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The market for welding equipment has witnessed an increase in number of end-users in parallel to increasing application of welding technology, which is a significant factor expected to boost revenue and sales of the market. Electric arcs, electric resistance, gas flames, electron beams, ultrasound and molten metal baths are a few energy sources to be mention, which finds application in various welding technologies and procedure.

According to the report by Trends Market Research, the global market for welding equipment is likely to see a substantial growth between 2018 and 2025. By the end of the forecast period, the global welding equipment market is projected to bring in US$ XX Million in terms of value.

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Range Of Techniques

Metallic glue is an innovative development in terms of welding technology, which enables end users to bind metal components in various devices at room temperature by applying light pressure. Metallic glue finds application in various product components and systems components such as central processing unit and printed circuit board in various computers. Furthermore, welding equipment Market finds application in glass and metal filament in various light bulb.

Combination of glue and metal offer a unique combination known as metallic nanorods. Unlike various other polymer glues, metallic glue finds multiple application in various aspects and domains as they can operate in high temperatures and pressures, conduct heat or electricity and is resistant to air or gas leaks. Welding technology has witnessed a relatively slow growth in terms of adoption of welding equipment Market in countries such as China and India, however, technology is dominating various domains and markets in various regions.

Tools And Their Applications

There are various tools and equipment used for various techniques of welding, laser welding is a significant technique among them, which finds application in welding metal components with high welding speeds, low thermal absorption and thin and small thermal seams. Range of applications offered by this technology comprise procedures such as precision spot welding in various industries such as electronics and jewelry production to welding non-porous seams in medical technology.

Apart from this, oxy-fuel wielding is another welding process in which application of various energy sources such as heating with fuel gas flames without pressure are used to join metal components. In this process, oxygen is mixed with fuel gas in proper proportion, in order to weld components properly and prevent any harm and destruction caused to metal components. Apart from these, there is resistance spot welding, which is the process of joining metal components by application of heat obtained by resistance of electric current. This process of welding finds applications in flange welds, water tight joins, designed for containers such as drums, and tins containers.

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While automatic welding technology grabs the lion share in the welding equipment Market market, however, slow adoption of welding technology in developing countries such as India and China is expected to be a significant restraint for the welding equipment Market market.

Application of welding techniques is conducted in various levels of automation such as manual, semi-automatic and automatic. The process of welding finds applications in various domains and are conducted in parallel to proper proportion of heat required. Furthermore, welding technique is used in fabrication industry where metallic glue has witnessed an increasing application in terms of welding technology apart from polymer glue.

Some of the prominent players active in the global market for welding equipment areĀ DAIHEN Corporation, Colfax Corporation, The Lincoln Electric Company, Fronius International GmbH, Obara Corporation, voestalpine AG, Arcon Welding Equipment, Panasonic Corporation, Sonics & Materials, Inc., Rofin-Sinar Technologies, Nelson Stud Welding (Doncasters Group, Ltd.), Amada Miyachi, Inc., and Illinois Tool Works, Inc.


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