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Directed-energy and Military Lasers Market Upcoming Trends, Incredible Possibilities, Business Opportunities and Regional Outlook

The global market for directed-energy and military lasers totaled $6.6 billion in 2016. The market should total $7.4 billion in 2017 and $12.3 billion in 2022, increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.7% from 2017 to 2022.

Report Scope:

The directed-energy and military lasers market is segmented into following categories:

– Type: gas laser, chemical laser, excimer laser, fiber laser, solid state laser and others.
– Technology: laser weapon (particle beam, high-power microwaves, military lasers), laser altimeter, laser range finder, LIDAR, others.
– Applications: industrial, defense (platform: air borne, land based, naval. weapon type: lethal, non-lethal), research medical, others.
– End-use: cutting and welding, guiding munitions and marking targets, missile defense system, laser lighting display, communications, surgery and diagnosis, others.
– Geography: North America is segmented into U.S., Canada and Mexico; Europe is segmented into U.K., France, Germany, Russia, and others; APAC is segmented into India, China, Japan, and others, while, RoW covers Middle East and Africa (MEA) and South America.
– Industry and competitive analysis.
– Patent analysis.
– Company profiles.

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Report Includes:

– 74 data tables
– An overview of the global markets for directed-energy and military lasers.
– Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2016, estimates for 2017, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2022.
– Segmentation of the global market for high-energy lasers into major categories based on type, technology, application, end-use industry, and geography.
– Coverage of different types of high-energy lasers, including gas lasers, chemical lasers, excimer lasers, fiber lasers, and solid-state lasers.
– Insight into the market through investigation of its value chain, product trends, and the competitive landscape.
– Evaluation of the market’s dynamics with respect to its drivers, restraints, and opportunities.
– Comprehensive profiles of leading players in the market and their key developments and strategies.


The global directed-energy and military lasers market is expected to witness substantial growth during the forecast period. This is due to its increasing demand across various armed troops operating via land, air and water. The increasing demand for crowd control weapons and prevention of adversary attacks such as terrorist activities is boosting the growth of the global directed-energy weapons market. In addition, government regulations around the world related to the development of advanced weaponry for the safety of troops and civilians in an accurate and economic manner, are also influencing the growth of this market. Adoption of new technologies such as lasers, microwaves and particle beams is contributing to growth in the demand for directed-energy weapons globally.

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Directed-energy weapons (DEW) emit highly focused energy towards a target object or individual in order to disable it or cause damage. These weapon systems can be either lethal or non-lethal based on their application areas. A DEW system can be deployed in all three formats: land-based, water-based, and airborne. Based on the technology used, the directed-energy weapons market is categorized into three segments including military laser, high-power microwave (HPM), and particle beam. With governments of various countries across the world undertaking military modernization programs and upgrading their national security infrastructures, the demand for DEW systems is expected to increase substantially in the near future. The low cost of operation and higher accuracy of these weapon systems as compared to conventional weapons, as well as the need for effective solutions for crowd control during riot situations are driving the demand for these systems globally.

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In addition to defense systems, directed-energy and military lasers also find application in industrial, defense, medical and research sectors. Increasing demand for minimally invasive surgeries is one of the major factors fueling the demand in the medical sector. In the industrial sector, military lasers are used for wielding, cutting, and marking among others. In addition, increasing focus on productivity and production efficiency is also expected to have a positive impact in the coming years.


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