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Bakery Enzyme Market Expected size Deliver Dynamic Progression until 2028

Enzymes are increasingly used in bakery products to maximize functionality. The application of enzymes has increased in the bakery as it enhances the volume, and improves the texture and appearance of the baked goods. In the past few years the demand for baking enzymes has increased owing to the increasing and fluctuating cost of functional ingredients such as ascorbic acid and vital wheat gluten. Manufacturers are also launching new products to reduce the use of functional ingredients. For instance, DSM in 2018 launched BakeZyme AAA for the baking industry in order to reduce the use of ascorbic acid while maintaining the texture and volume of bread.

The baking industry is using Oxidases, Amylases, Proteases, and Hemicellulases enzymes on a large scale as these enzymes help to maintain freshness, crispness, bread volume and softness of the baked products. However, companies are focusing on launching new enzymes to improve baked products. For instance, DuPont Health and Nutrition has introduced a new enzyme to offer sufficient strength and create high-quality bread and buns.

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According to the new study, a notable shift towards bakery enzymes is taking place across various countries owing to the rise in health conscious population and increasing government support for use of bakery enzymes in baked goods to meet the demand for clean products. Moreover, the growing demand for gluten free products is driving the use of bakery enzymes instead of vital wheat gluten in baked goods. The study also expects, bakery enzymes market to exceed US$ XX million by the end of 2028.

The use of modified soy flour produced using enzymatic treatment is likely to find huge application in baked goods as it offers longer shelf-life, and is also considered safe, while providing texture and improving quality of baked products. In recent years, the use of enzymes and emulsifiers in the baking industry has increased.

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According to the study, Asia Pacific is likely to offer growth opportunities in the bakery enzymes market owing to the launch of new bakery products and initiatives by governments to adopt bakery enzymes based food products. In the Asia Pacific, among various bakery enzymes, carbohydrase owing to its high thermal stability and cost-effectiveness it is largely used in baked goods in the region. Meanwhile, North America and Western Europe remain largest regions in bakery enzymes market owing to the increasing demand for nutritive bakery food products in these regions.

In recent years, the use of microbial enzymes has also increased in baking, and other food and beverage products as it has emerged as a stable option compared to plant and animal enzymes and can be produced using fermentation technique which is cost-effective. α-Amylase is a type of microbial enzyme finding wide application in baking and bread quality improvement. Moreover, it is also used for enhancing the flavor and as the antistaling agent to improve the quality of bread. In recent years, the use of asparaginase enzyme has also increased in the baking industry, especially to minimize acrylamide content in baked food products

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