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Karaya Gum Market Expansion size Be Persistent During 2028

Karaya gum is finding wide application as an adhesive for dental fixtures. Various studies have found that use of karaya coating may be effective in preventing accumulation of denture plaque, and other associated problems such as staining, unpleasant odors, and denture induced stomatitis. Low cost of karaya gum as compared to other denture adhesives available in market is also one of the factors driving demand for karaya gum in dentistry.

Karaya gum has also gained popularity as adhesive agent as the main ingredient of denture adhesives. Denture adhesives are expected to witness significant growth in the coming years owing to the growing popularity of cosmetic dental treatments, and increasing investment in the research on dentistry. With the rise in manufacturing of denture adhesives, the use of karaya gum in these denture adhesives as the adhesive agent is also growing.

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Owing to the natural gum and readily available in a fine powder form, the demand for karaya gum has increased in denture adhesives to secure dentures. Moreover, with the rise in elderly population, the number of complete denture wearers are likely to increase, thereby, driving demand for denture adhesives in order to bond and retain dentures in the designated denture fixed area. Manufacturers are also focusing on developing denture adhesives including active ingredients that are mainly responsible for adhesive properties including karaya gum, acacia, gelatin, pectin, etc.

In order to meet the range of consumer preferences, modern denture adhesives including active ingredients are also being developed in form of strips, powder, creams, and cushions. According to the latest study, a large part of karaya gum imported into North America, especially in the US is finding wide application in development of denture adhesive and the karaya powdered gum is dusted on dental plate as it swells as soon as it touches the moist surface, resulting in the tighter and comfortable fit of the dental plate.

Resistance to enzymatic and bacterial breakdown, rapid swelling and insolubility of karaya gum is resulting in the wide usage in dentistry. Some manufacturers of denture adhesives are also adding very little amount of mild alkali to the powder in order to enhance adhesive properties.

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According to a new study, the karaya gum market is expected to reach nearly US$ XX million by the end of 2028, owing to its wide application in the pharmaceutical and food industries. With increasing awareness about the health benefits of karaya gum is leading to its wide application as natural food additive in various food and beverages products. Moreover, in recent years karaya gum has witnessed increasing demand by manufacturers producing laxatives owing to the growing prevalence of chronic constipation. Meanwhile, the use of karaya gum as ingredient has also increased in the production of baked goods and candies as it prevents the formation of sugar crystals in these products.

Owing to the easy availability of karaya gums in India, regional companies and local players have increased. Moreover, in order to meet the growing demand the local players are strengthening their position by upgrading their manufacturing facilities

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