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Point of Care Testing Market: Study Provides In-depth Analysis of Market along with the Current Trends and Future Estimations 2022

Point of care (POC) technologies are rapidly becoming part of the revolution of the healthcare landscape. With evolving high–tech innovations in healthcare, including smartphone apps, biosensors, lab–on–a chip, and wearable devices—all of which offer a closer connection to the patient. The dynamic of point of–care testing (POCT) is to bring testing closer to the patient and results conveniently and quickly to the provider to expedite diagnosis and subsequent treatment. POCT allows for faster clinical decisions in hospitals, physicians’ offices, ambulances, patient homes, and in the field.

The global point of care testing market is projected to reach US$ 38 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of XX% from 2016 to 2022. The global market is mainly driven by increasing prevalence of infectious diseases in developing countries, the rising incidences of lifestyle diseases such as cardiac diseases and diabetes, the rising usage of home–based POC devices, and technological advancements with regard to development of advanced, faster, and easy to–use devices are stimulating the demand for POCT

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This report titled “Point of Care Testing – Global Analysis & Market Forecasts” provides a comprehensive analysis of the emerging point of care tests market segments, including their dynamics, size, growth, regulatory requirements, technological trends, competitive landscape, and emerging opportunities for instrument and consumable suppliers. This report also provides market landscape and market share information in the point of care testing market. The report brings together major merger & acquisition, distribution agreement, licensing deals and collaboration deals information in point of care testing market. The report also entails major drivers and challenges of point of care testing market.

The following 13 segments of the point of care testing market are detailed with market size and six year forecast.

• Blood Glucose Testing
• Cardiac Markers Testing
• Lipid Panel/Cholesterol Testing
• Blood Coagulation Testing
• Infectious Disease Testing
• Urinalysis Testing
• Drug of Abuse Testing
• Pregnancy & Fertility Testing
• Cancer Markers Testing
• Critical Care Testing
• HbA1C Testing
• Clinical Chemistry Testing
• Bilirubin Testing

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This report also gives access to significant data such as:

• Market Growth Drivers in the Point of Care Testing Market
• Challenges in the Point of Care Testing Market
• Current Market Trends
• Market Forecasting for the Coming Years
• Merger & Acquisitions between major companies
• Distribution Agreement
• Licensing Deals
• Collaboration Deals

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