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Wearable Device Security Market Scenario Highlighting Major Drivers & Trends, 2022


Wearables are a relatively new technology and have picked up increased attention only during the past 2-3 years. The wearable electronic devices such as wristbands, eyewears, earwears and footwears provide hands-free operations, real-time data monitoring and network communication.

Market Analysis

According to Infoholic Research, the Worldwide Wearable Device Security Market will grow at an estimated CAGR of 51.4% during the forecast period 2016–2022. Ease of use, convenience and flexibility have encouraged consumers to increasingly use wearables. Wearables offer real time monitoring and fitness tracking. The future growth in this market will be driven by the customer’s increased penchant for sophisticated gadgets, growing popularity of IoT devices, connected devices. The increased usage of wearables will pose wearable technology privacy concern. One of the key concerns of the wearable technology market is data privacy.

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Wearable technology is being rapidly adopted by almost all industries. Consequently, the security concerns for this market are high. Thus, to resolve this problem, a lot of security software providers are entering the market to address wearable technology security risks.

Growing demand for health and fitness wearables across the globe, rise in the number of wearable device users and increased government investments drive the Worldwide Wearable Device Security Market.

Geographic Segmentation

Americas, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific and EEMEA (Eastern Europe Middle East & Africa) are the key regions covered in the report. The regions are analyzed according to the security types and countries.

Segmentation by Devices

The Worldwide Wearable Device Security Market is segmented by the following device types – Eyewear, Wristwear, Footwear, Smart Clothing and Others.

Segmentation by Security Types

The Worldwide Wearable Device Security Market is segmented by Network Security, Cloud Security, Wireless Security, Application Security and Others.

Segmentation by Solutions

The Worldwide Wearable Device Security Market is segmented and analyzed by the following solutions- Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Risk & Vulnerability Management, DDoS Mitigation, Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention System and Others.

Segmentation by End Users

BFSI, Healthcare and Retail are the three key verticals focussed on in the report. End-users are analyzed according to the security types, regions and countries.

Key Vendors          

Some of the players covered in wearable device security market report are Fitbit, Apple, Google, Garmin, Nike, Microsoft, HP, CrowdOptic, BotFactory, ODG, Biovotion and Innovega. The report provides a comprehensive review of wearable device security types, services, and industry solutions.

Competitive Analysis

The study gives an opportunity to the industry players to improve their current business approach by providing them strategic intelligence about the competition in the market. Current and predicted business strategies for the leading companies of the market. Total 15 companies are covered.

The report includes a detailed competitive benchmarking of the leading vendors based on some key metrics such as business units, geographic revenue, recent developments, business focus, business strategy and SWOT analysis.

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The report will be useful to the key stakeholders of the wearable device security market such as device manufacturers, OEMs, network providers, software providers, data security solution vendors, policy makers, standard development organizations, investor community, telecom, university researchers, blog writers, and technology magazines in the following ways:

  • Competitive analysis (i.e. current and future key business strategies of the competitors and their regional growth)
  • Drivers and growth opportunities in different regions

The report also gives information related to latest industry and market trends, key stakeholders, industry pest analysis and competitive landscape. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the Worldwide Wearable Device Security Market aiming to bring all wearable device stakeholders on a common platform. The report provides a detailed analysis of the wearable device security market in terms of devices, security types, solutions and end-users.

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