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Cloud Gaming Market Upcoming Trends, Incredible Possibilities, Business Opportunities and Regional Outlook

Cloud gaming or gaming on demand is a form of online gaming that offers frictionless play and direct playability on various devices. Cloud gaming occurs via two modes- video streaming and file streaming. The cloud gaming market is showing commendable growth, driven by the new entrants in the industry and improved network performances. The market is witnessing an increased adoption of next generation technologies.

Social media games and mobile games are contributing the major share to the overall market as these two channels contribute to a large user base. The social gamers, especially the females and kids across the world, are the major contributors in the online cloud gaming segment. The population the female gamers has increased significantly in the recent years. Around 46% of the online gaming audience are females who generally prefer smartphones to play games as these devices are affordable and easy to carry thus giving the gamers the freedom to play anytime at anywhere.

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Market Analysis

The Global Cloud Gaming Market is likely to witness significant growth in the future, driven by increase in gaming audience, social media, mobile gaming and proliferation of gaming devices. Cloud gaming offers several advantages such as it does not require downloading and can be played almost instantly. Unlike gaming consoles which require updates and backup, cloud gaming is played on the cloud platform.

Reduced cost of game ownership and ease of access of the games on cloud are the major growth drivers of the market. Increased smartphone penetration and widespread availability of high speed internet will continue to boost market growth.

The gaming audience (core gamers) are expected to drive the cloud gaming market followed by the proliferation of gaming devices (smartphones). The cloud gaming market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 33.7% during the period 2015-2020. The core gamers market will grow a faster rate in comparison to smartphone gaming applications.

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However, the use of poor technology infrastructure and connectivity will restrain the market.

One of the emerging trends in the market is increased usage of cloud gamification. The gamification process helps companies in understanding the productivity and knowledge of the employees. This process will help the gaming vendors in understanding the gamer’s psychology and design similar games.

Regional Segmentation

The Global Cloud Gaming Market is analyzed by six key regions – North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Central Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa. The regions are analysed according to the gaming audience, gaming devices, technology, and regions.

North America and Western Europe is leading the cloud gaming market. The increased penetration of smartphones and tablets in the Americas, high affordability and ability to spend time on leisure activities is a propellant for the market growth.

Segmentation by End Users- The Global Cloud Gaming Market is segmented by the following types of gaming audience –  Social Gamers, Serious Gamers and Core Gamers.

Segmentation by Devices- The Global Cloud Gaming Market is segmented by the following devices – Smartphones, Smart TVs, Tablets and   PCs.

Key Vendors

Some of the key vendors in Global Cloud Gaming Market are Amazon, G-cluster, and Gaikai. The report also talks about watch list companies such as OnLive, TransGaming and Happy Cloud.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive benchmarking is done for the leading vendors based on key metrics- financial health, business units, business strategy etc. Current and predicted business strategies for the leading companies of the market such as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Zynga and Nvidia is covered in the report. Total 15 companies are covered.

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The report is of significance to the key stakeholders of the cloud gaming market such as game publishers, game developers, game platform providers, game distributor, game device manufacturers and gaming associations in the following ways:

  • Competitive analysis (i.e. current and future key business strategies of the competitors and their regional growth)
  • Drivers, growth opportunities, and regional digital gaming trends
  • Present and upcoming gaming behaviour of the gamer in the regions

The report gives information related to the latest industry and market trends, key stakeholders, Industry Pest analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis and Competitive landscape. It also includes end user analysis i.e. gamers (in terms of time spent on games in a day, month, preferred gaming devices, preferred subscription models and popular games among the gamers). This analysis was done according to an end user survey which was successfully conducted across the globe during the period of the study.

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