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Hybrid Cloud Computing Market– Insights on Emerging Scope 2022


It has become imperative for organizations worldwide to adopt agile, cost effective and scalable cloud solutions. Hybrid cloud addresses this need by allowing a seamless integration of public, private and community cloud computing. Hybrid cloud technologies help in achieving cost savings and the existing technical expertise in the company can be utilized on other critical tasks of higher priority. Organizations can use public cloud for their non-sensitive needs and use private cloud wherever required. Organizations can reduce web traffic by shifting their non-critical data and applications from private to public cloud.

The next five years will experience a tremendous surge in the usage of hybrid cloud as organizations worldwide would increasingly become cognizant of the hybrid cloud benefits such as cost savings on infrastructural and application support.

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Nearly 82% of the global enterprises have formulated hybrid cloud strategy till 2018. Hybrid cloud provides a single solution to organizations across multiple verticals. It can be applied to industries ranging from power, media & entertainment, complex computing, healthcare and government to education, analytics and many more. More than 60% of the large enterprises are planning to implement hybrid clouds by 2020.

Market Analysis

According to Infoholic research, the Worldwide Hybrid Cloud Computing Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.3% during the forecast period 2016–2022.

A rapid increase in private cloud adoption is driving the hybrid cloud market with nearly 82% of the enterprises planning to implement a hybrid cloud strategy by 2017. The pay per use model is useful and affordable to enterprises across all verticals and regions. Cloud governance has witnessed a rapid growth with nearly 30% of the enterprises having established approval policies and by 2018 more than 50% will have approved cloud policies.

Geographical segmentation

The Worldwide Hybrid Cloud Computing Market is segmented by the following regions – North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Central Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa

Segmentation by Verticals

The Worldwide Hybrid Cloud Computing Market is segmented by the following key verticals – Banking and Financial Services, Consumer Goods & Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Energy & Utilities, Government, Telecommunication & IT, Transportation & Logistics and Others.

Key Vendors

The key players covered in the Worldwide Hybrid Cloud Computing Market are Equinix, Computer Science Corporation, AT&T, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, VMware, Rackspace Hosting, EMC, etc.

Competitive Analysis

Current and predicted business strategies for the leading companies of the market is covered. The report gives an opportunity to the players to change and improve their current business approach by providing information regarding strategic intelligence and market competition.

The report includes a detailed competitive benchmarking of the leading industry players based on metrics such as company profile, financial health, business objectives, business strategy and SWOT analysis.


The report provides useful information about the major business opportunities, drivers, and trends in various geographies relevant to the hybrid cloud computing market and helps the key stakeholders such as hybrid cloud providers, enterprises and decision makers to enhance their geographic reach. The report covers and analyzes the major services that are expected to play an important role in hybrid cloud computing market in the upcoming years.

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Bringing out the key aspects of the current & future market trends and scenarios, the report aims to create business opportunities for the various key players by helping them to understand the adoption and usage rate in the hybrid cloud computing market. The importance of every hybrid cloud computing technologies and its types across industry sectors and regions is covered. It includes latest market trends, drivers and emerging technologies which are expected to drive and enhance the hybrid cloud computing market.

The report provides elaborate details of different hybrid cloud computing types, their usage and adoption in different industries and regions. The major trends, drivers, restraints, key emerging trends and opportunities in every industry vertical are also covered. These business insights help the key stakeholders of hybrid cloud computing enterprises in taking decisions regarding investment and expansion plans.

The report can also be tailored according to the user’s requirement. The customization of the report is available based on countries, vendor profiles, managed services types and verticals.

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